Employment opportunities are everywhere, sometimes you just need an advantage!

POS Systems is a Manitoba corporation that has educated Employees, Management and Owners on the point of sale industry for 35 years. Until now that training has been available in-house only for their existing customer base.

Now we are introducing it to anyone who seeks a desire to enhance their employment opportunities, advance their careers or improve their business’s bottom line.

We ask the question: What is the starting career for most people? The answer is usually work in a restaurant or a retail store. By taking that first step in education and training in those types of environments through professionals in the industry, those chances of employment are increased. In addition, existing store managers and owners may desire to participate in these workshops to have the ability to analyse what areas of their business needs attention to increase their profits, staff and customer satisfaction. Through our training workshops, gaining the ability to give an overall assessment of their business is an invaluable tool. The skills we offer stay and travel with you for life, which will allow you to continue to look for better opportunities.

We desire to empower rural areas through education and entrepreneurialism. The belief is that these communities will gain in strength and numbers as their own people strive to create new businesses, and allow others to stay and work in their localities due to the fact that they will have the skills needed to keep those areas thriving.

There will be a certificate of training given upon completion of each course, as well as a reference opportunity to any job opportunities that may exist with the customers of POS Systems.

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