POS Systems has been helping Canadian businesses for over 40 years

We are a leading provider in point of sale equipment, software, service and supplies. We offer custom solutions to all kinds of stores and restaurants, big and small, local, rural, mobile or remote.


We supply a variety of cash registers, hospitality and retail systems, liquor systems, ATM's, and debit and credit systems and services. We also carry many accessories and supplies, such as point of sale touch screens, printers, scanners, scales, paper rolls, ink ribbons, and other peripherals.


Of course, anyone can just sell you the equipment for your next point of sale system. Where we can really help your business is with our knowledge and experience. We will be with you through the life of your product. Installation, programming, training and education, supplies, service, card processing, repairs, and eventually upgrades.

History of POS Systems

POS Systems was started by Rod Thompson in 1980. From humble beginnings it slowly grew beyond cash registers sales and into the greater point of sales market, with the rise of computerized point of sale systems in the 1980's and 90's. We are headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where we started the business. POS Systems started as a family owned business and still remains so today.

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