Are you looking for an ATM System for your business?

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a great way for you, as a merchant, to earn more revenue for your business as well as provide your customers a convenient service.

Who can withdraw cash from an ATM?

Anyone who has a debit or credit card can withdraw cash from their account providing they have a pin number that can be entered into the ATM for security purposes. Generally speaking anyone with a Visa, Mastercard or debit card from any major bank should be able to withdraw cash from their account, assuming their account is setup for withdrawals.

What sort of revenue can I expect to earn from an ATM?

This depends on two factors: first, the number of users you expect to use your ATM on a daily basis and, secondly, the surcharge (fee) you would like to charge cardholders for the service.

What sort of security features can I expect with an ATM?

Each ATM has several basic security features. A real time monitoring center displays any unusual activity on the ATM and this information is quickly passed on to ATM owners so that they can investigate. Every ATM contains an electronic safe (where the cash is stored) which can only be opened by use of an electronic passcode. A master key is required to access the passcode entry area. The ATM itself is heavy and bolted into the floor, meaning no one can remove it from the premises.


Hyosung HALO II ATM Machine The HALO II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace-of-mind from enhanced security features at an affordable price.

The innovative design of the user-friendly interface is displayed on a vivid 10.1" screen.

The ease of use and reliability provides maximum available and uptime with minimal maintenance and operation intervention.

Factory-ready EMV capability is available with all HALO units. This technology allows operators to easily go live with EMV technology without having to change out machines or components.

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