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Are you looking for POS Supplies and Accessories for your business?

On top of our many point of sale systems and services, we also have a large inventory of other supplies and accessories for our clients needs. Whether you are looking for simple cash register and printer paper rolls, ink ribbons, wet covers or cash drawers for your cash register, wireless scanners, printers or point of sale touch screens you will find all the latest peripherals at POS Systems. Don't forget, we also offer same day service and delivery to our clients in the Winnipeg region.

Accessories and POS Peripherals

Touch Screens, Bar Code Scanners, Wireless Scanners, Cash Drawers, Wet Covers, Stands and Pin Pad Holders, Counterfeit Money Detectors, Card Reader Cleaners, POS Scales and Printers. There's a lot more but we thought we'd try to give you an general idea.

Ink and Paper Supplies

We carry a wide variety of models and brands of ink ribbons for cash registers and receipt printers. And what good would all our ink supplies be without an equally large and varied list of cash register and printer paper rolls? With almost 40 years in the business of providing point of sale supplies, we've grown a significant stockpile of paper and ink products to help our clients and customers.

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