Are you looking for a Liquor Control Systems for your business?

At POS Systems we have a wide variety of liquor, beverage and beer control systems to meet your business needs. If you own or run a bar, pub, a night club or a restaurant, we have the business solutions and staff to help you!

Berg Liquor Control Systems

Berg Liquor Control Systems Need to track ounces of liquor served? Need a reporting package? How about a draft meter? We provide a wide variety of Berg products to help reduce pouring costs. In most cases, Berg systems can pay for itself in six to twelve months.

As the manager/owner of your property, don't be chained to your bar because of accountability concerns. Let Berg be your representative behind the bar — when you're not present. Know that every drink poured will be accounted for with the Berg All-Bottle interfaced to a POS. The Berg All-Bottle System locks all of your open bottles and gives your customers a consistent drink with all servers. Combining the latest technology with Berg's innovative engineering provides a very easy to use, reliable and affordable control system for any size establishment. And with the Berg System, your customers are assured that they are getting a consistent drink everytime.

Freepour Beverage Management

Freepour Beverage Management Freepour Beverage Management has been an industry leader in loss prevention by providing fast and accurate inventory solutions.

Time-stamped brand by brand variances – Identify Giveaways and Overpours. Access from mobile device, tablet or any PC – review Manager Login Audit. Get user-defined alerts sent to your device including After Hours pours. Push/Pull reporting to stakeholders – we make it automatic and convenient.

Patented device – measure or count 20 bottles per minute IN ANY ORDER. Portable – monitor multiple outlets and banquets with 99.7% accuracy. Interface to your POS and to Procure-to-Pay Solutions. Eliminate inaccurate eyeballing, and eliminate data entry and errors.

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