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Logivision Retail Systems

Whether you run a small liquor store or a multi-lane supermarket, specialty food retailers like chocolate shops, coffee-shops, or boutique-style bakeries, they all benefit from the simplicity and speed offered by our Logivision Retail Systems.

Logivision Retail
L-BOSS Systems
L-BOSS is a set of comprehensive and easy to use tools designed for database control in retail environments. System features allow retailers to use their data to make smart decisions and reduce operating costs. L-BOSS will provide you with great data management whether you run a hypermarket with multiple POS terminals or a small gift shop using a single front-end electronic cash register.

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L-POS Systems and Software
L-POS is an easy to use, easy to manage point of sale system designed for retailers seeking high speed transaction entry and secure data recording. LPOS includes all the tools you need to design entry screens, manage peripherals, and interface with the back-end application. L-POS software fits general retail operations by offering simple to use yet comprehensive control of point of sale and back-store management.

We know you are looking for controls that will help you to increase sales and decrease shrinkage. Stock management includes replenishment models based on minimum inventory levels or on sales history and projections for upcoming periods.

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