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A POS Systems Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a great way for you, as a merchant, to earn more revenue for your business.

Nautlius Hyosung HALO ATM
Nautlius Hyosung HALO ATM
The HALO ATM is the proud new addition to the family of world-class retail machines from Nautlius Hyosung. The HALO offers the latest in innovative, state-of-the-art ATM design and technology. While, delivering the same high quality and proven reliability you expect from industry leader Nautilus Hyosung.

The HALO pin pad sports a newer, more modern look. Multi-Color LED lights continually change and highlight the recessed pin pad to attract users and enhance your bottom line. The LED lights can also be dimmed or turned off completely.

The new digitial receipt feature allows customers to use the QR code for transactions and view them on mobile devices. This receipt-free choice saves paper, offering an eco-friendly advantage.

Nautlius Hyosung HALO ATM Brochure (right-click to save)

Cash Cow Mobile ATM's
Cash Cow Mobile ATM's
Cash Cow mobile trailers, a partner of POS Systems, are available for your next event. Do your customers need access to cash? No problem. Cash Cow Mobile ATM's, roll in, setup and open for business. We have hand held debit machines with cashback also available. No statement fee's, no service fee's. Provide the service and pay yourself for every transaction. Ask us today how we can put cash back in your pocket.

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